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W. Maloney - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • "Mexican Labor Markets: Protection, Productivity, and Power" in No Growth without Equity?: Inequality, Interests and Competition in Mexico, M. Walton and S. Levy (eds.), Palgrave-Macmillan/World Bank publication 2008.
  • “Self Employment in LDCs” with W. Cunningham and P. Aroca,  in Economic Policy and Performance in Latin America, H. Esfahani, G. Facchini, and G.Hewings (eds.), Palgrave/Macmillan. 2008.
  • Informality: Exit and Exclusion with G. Perry, O. Arias and J. Saavedra, World Bank 2007.
  • Neither Curse Nor Destiny: Natural Resources and Development, with D. Lederman (eds.),   Stanford University Press, 2006.
  • “Trade Structure and Growth” with D. Lederman in Neither Curse Nor Destiny: Natural Resources and Development, D. Lederman and W. Maloney (eds.), Stanford University Press, 2006.
  • Poverty Reduction and Growth: Virtuous and Vicious Circles with G. Perry, O. Arias, J. H. Lopez and L Serven. World Bank 2006.
  • Pobreza e Crecimento:Circulos Virtuosos y Viciosos en J. Reis Velloso, Por que o Brasil nao e um Pais de Alto Crescimento, Forum Nacional, 2006.
  • "Risk, Welfare and Human Capital" with P. Krishna and T. Krebs Essays in Honor of J Baghwati, MIT Press, 2006.
  • “Innovation in Mexico: NAFTA is Not Enough” with D. Lederman, in Global Intergration and Tech Transfer, B. Hoekman and B Jovorcik (eds.), Palgrave/MacMillan, 2006.
  • “NAFTA after 10 Years: Lessons for Developing Countries” with D. Lederman and L. Serven in Trade, Doha, and Development: Window into the Issues, R. Newfarmer (ed.), World Bank, 2006.
  • Lessons from NAFTA with D. Lederman, and L. Serven, Stanford University Press, 2005.
  • “Measuring the Impact of Minimum Wages” with J. Nuñez in Law and Labor Markets: Lessons from Latin America,  J. Heckman and C. Pages (eds.),National Bureau of Economic Research and University of Chicago Press, 2004. Also NBER working paper  9800.
  • Flexibilidad Laboral” in Crecimeinto Economico y la Globalizacion. Joint Mexican Senate/Central Bank volume on reform challenges in Mexico , 2003.
  • “An Alternative View of Informality” with W. Cunningham in The Third Dimension of Labor Markets, Demand, Supply and Institutions in Brazil, F. Carneiro, I Gill and R Paes de Barros (eds.), 2006.
  • Closing the Gaps in Education and Technology with D. De Ferranti, G Perry and others, World Bank, 2002. Also in Spanish.
  • “Informal Self-Employment: Poverty Trap or Decent Alternative” in G. Fields and G. Pfeffermann, Pathways Out of Poverty, Private Firms and Economic Mobility in Developing Countries, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston.
  • From Natural Resources to the Knowledge Economy  with D. De Ferranti, G. Perry and D. Lederman, World Bank 2001. Also in Spanish. Synthesis “De Los Recursos Naturales a la Economía del Conocimiento Foreign Affairs en Español, Spring 2002.
  • “Mexican Labor Markets” in Mexico, A Comprehensive Development Agenda for the New Era, (M. Giugale, O. Lafourcade and V. Nguyen eds.), World Bank 2001.
  • Securing Our Future in a Global Economy with D. De Ferranti, G Perry and others,  World Bank, 2000. Also in Spanish.
  • “Chilean Economic History in the Post-War Period,” in The Political Economy of Latin America in the Post War Period,  L. Randall (ed.), University of Texas Press, 1998.
  • “Estructura del Mercado de Trabajo en Paises Menos Desarollados: Evidencia de Series de Tiempo sobre Diferentes Perspectivas” in Secretaria del Trobajo y Prevision Social, Mexico, Memoria del III Seminario de Investigacion Laboral: El Sector Informal, Mexico City 1997.
  • “Heterogeneidad en Empresa a Pequena Escala en Paises Menos Desarrollados: El Caso de Mexico” with W. Cunningham in Secretaria del Trobajo y Prevision Social, Mexico, Memoria del III Seminario de Investigacion Laboral: El Sector Informal, Mexico City 1997.
  • “Privatization with Share Diffusion: Popular Capitalism in Chile,” in Privatization in Latin America, New Roles for the Public and Private Sectors, W. Baer and M. Birch (eds.) Praeger, 1994.

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