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Q. Toan-Do - Other Publications

Journal Articles

Book Chapters 

  • "Mental Health in the Aftermath of Conflict", with L. Iyer, in The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Peace and Conflict, Garfinkel and Skaperdas (eds.), Oxford. Forthcoming.
    Policy Research Working Paper No. 5132 (November 2009)
  • Why marry a cousin - insights from Bangladesh" with S. Joshi and S. Iyer, Proceedings of the Conference on Marriage in Globalizing Contect: Change and Continuity in South Asia, New Delhi, forthcoming.
    Latest version (August 2009)
  • "Asymmetric Information", in The Social Science Encyclopedia 2nd edition. Kuper and Kuper (eds.),Routledge, London. October 2004.
    Latest version (September 2003)

Working Papers 

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