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World Bank Research Digest, Volume 3, No. 1

Research Digest

The Research Digest is a quarterly publication aimed at communicating, in an accessible and timely way, the findings of research relevant for development policy. The research featured in this digest has been selected based on several criteria: it is of high quality, path-breaking, relevant for policy, and useful for the development community.


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Featured Articles

Food Price Crisis in Africa
Franck Adoho, Prospere Backiny-Yetna, Harold Coulombe, George Joseph, Kofi Nouve, Juan Carlos Parra, Clarence Tsimpo, Quentin Wodon, and Hassan Zaman

Focus: The Doha Development Agenda
Will Martin and Aaditya Mattoo

When Is Deposit Insurance a Good Idea?
Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, Edward J. Kane, and Luc Laeven

Returns to Capital in Microenterprises
Suresh de Mel, David McKenzie, and Christopher Woodruff

New Global Poverty Estimates
Shaohua Chen and Martin Ravallion

Ports and Maritime Transport in West and Central Africa
Gylfi Pálsson, Alan Harding, and Gaël Raballand

The Consequences of Child Labor
Kathleen Beegle, Rajeev Dehejia, Roberta Gatti, and Sofya Krutikova

Gender and Asset Ownership
Cheryl Doss, Caren Grown, and Carmen Diana Deere

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