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World Bank Research Digest, Volume 2, No. 4

Research Digest

The Research Digest is a quarterly publication aimed at communicating, in an accessible and timely way, the findings of research relevant for development policy. The research featured in this digest has been selected based on several criteria: it is of high quality, path-breaking, relevant for policy, and useful for the development community.


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Featured Articles

Dollar a Day Revisited
Martin Ravallion, Shaohua Chen, and Prem Sangraula

Focus: Strategies for Developing Countries
Justin Yifu Lin

Farm Policy in Developing Countries:What Next
Kym Anderson

Land in Transition: Reform and Poverty in Rural Vietnam
Martin Ravallionand Dominique van de Walle

Unpredictable Aid
Oya Celasun and Jan Walliser

Microfinance Meets the Market
Robert Cull, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt, and Jonathan Morduch

Development Impact of the War on Drugs
Philip Keefer, Norman Loayza, and Rodrigo Soares

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