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J. Giles - Other Publications

Journal Articles


  • The Elderly and Old Age Support in Rural China. Directions in Development Series. with F. Cai, P.O’keefe, D.Wang  Washington, DC, The World Bank, March 2012. 
  • New Insights into the Provision of Health Services in Indonesia: A Health Work Force Study with C. Rokx, J. Giles, et al., Washington, DC, The World Bank, 2010.

Chapters in Books

  • "The Labor Supply and Retirement Behavior of China's Older Workers and Elderly in Comparative Perspective." with D. Wang and W. Cai. Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives, J.P. Smith and M. Majmundar (eds.),  Washington, DC:  The National Academies Press. 2012.
  • "Patterns and Correlates of Intergenerational Non-Time Transfers: Evidence from CHARLS." with X.Lei, Y Hu, A Park, J Strauss, and Y Zhao. Aging in Asia: Findings from New and Emerging Data Initiatives, J. P. Smith and M. Majmundar (eds.), Washington, D.C.: The National Academies Press. 2012.
  • "Income Inequality During China’s Economic Transition," with D. Benjamin, L. Brandt and S. Wang. China's Great Transformation, L. Brandt and T. Rawski (eds.),  Cambridge University Press, 2008.  
    (July 2005 Version). 

Other Publications

  • "Do Food Supplements Help Children in Times of Economic Crisis?" with E. Satriawan . From Evidence to Policy. Washington, DC, World Bank, 2011.
  • "Inequality and Growth in Rural China: Does Higher Inequality Impede Growth?" with D. Benjamin and L. Brandt. IZA Discussion Paper No. 2344
  • "Migrant Opportunity and the Educational Attainment of Youth in Rural China," with A. de Brauw. IZA Discussion Paper No. 2326
  • "Chronic and Transient Poverty: Measurement and Estimation, with Evidence from China," with J-Y. Duclos and A. Araar. IZA Discussion Paper No. 2078.

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