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  • "Use of Biometric Technology in Developing Countries" with J. Goldberg, S. Sankaranarayanan, P. Sheerin, and D. Yang, in Robert Cull, Asli Demirgüç-Kunt and Jonathan Morduch “Banking the World: Empirical Foundations of Financial Inclusion”, MIT Press, Fall 2012.

  • "Microinsurance:  A Case Study of the Indian Rainfall Index Insurance Market" with L. Menand, R. Townsend and J. Vickery, in Handbook of the Indian Economy, Ghate and Chetan (eds.),  forthcoming:  Oxford University Press.
  • "Rainfall Insurance in Semi-Arid India: Contract Design, Household Participation and Future Prospects" with R. Townsend and J. Vickery, in Weather Risk Management, Tang, K. (ed.) 2010.
  • "Wealth Constrained Occupation Choice and the Impact of Financial Reforms on the Distribution of Income and Macro Growth" with R. Townsend, in Toolkit for Evaluating the Poverty and Distributional Impact of Economic Policies II, F. Bourguignon and L. Pereira da Silva (eds.). The World Bank, June 2008.

  • "Credit Constraints as a Barrier to Technology Adoption by the Poor: Lessons from South-Indian Small-Scale Fishery" with S. Klonner, in Globalization and the Poor in Asia: Can Shared Growth be Sustained?. M. Nissanke and E. Thorbecke (eds). Palgrave Macmillan.  April 2008.

  • Why Does Access Matter? Impact on Growth and Poverty”  Building Inclusive Financial Systems: A Framework for Financial Access, M. S. Barr, R. Litan, and A. Kumar (eds.), Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institution, October 2007.

  • "Evaluation of Financial Liberalization", with R. M. Townsend, in Macroeconomic Policies and Poverty Reduction, A. Mody and C. Pattillo (eds.), London:Routledge, January 2006.

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