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The Millennium Development Goals Map: Charting Progress toward a Better World

The World Bank’s Data Group and National Geographic undertook a partnership in 2005 to raise awareness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by producing and disseminating a large-format, full-color wall map highlighting progress toward the goals. 

Copies of this map were sold out in 2006.

Online Atlas of the MDGs

WB Millennium Map (medium)

 A Global Agenda to End Poverty  
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Are the MDGs well known outside the development community?
Features of the map that helped raise awareness of the MDGs

Are the MDGs well known outside the development community?

The MDGs are familiar to those working in international development, but little-known among the public. A survey conducted for the European Commission found that 88 percent of respondents in 25 European countries had never heard of the MDGs. 

In addition, a 2004 OECD study concluded that, despite high-level discussions, “debate and awareness about the MDGs has not trickled down to public opinion…without the pressure which comes from public accountability, these commitments are less likely to be achieved.” 

Features of the map that helped raise awareness of the MDGs

  • Side One showed gross national income (GNI) per capita on a map of the world, as well as child mortality graphs, and a simple explanation of the goals.
  • Side Two showed population density across the world, with vignettes of success from various regions, and various regional perspectives.
  • Design and production was led by National Geographic Maps, long experienced in producing top-quality maps, while data and texts were from World Bank sources.
  • Data was based on World Development Indicators, published by the World Bank's Data Group.
  • References to World Bank and UN-sponsored websites on the MDGs were indicated on the map.

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