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J. Friedman - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Mental Health in Sumatra after the Tsunami” with E. Frankenberg, R. Pynoos, A. Steinberg, and D. Thomas, American Journal of Public Health, forthcoming.

  • “Mental Health Patterns and Consequences: Results from Survey Data in Five Developing Countries” with J. Das, Q-T. Do, and D. McKenzie, World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming.

  • “Population Mental Health amidst Financial Crisis: Evidence from Indonesia” with D. Thomas, World Bank Economic Review, forthcoming.

  • “Household Income and Expenditure Surveys: A Tool for Accelerating the Development of Evidence-Based Fortification Programs” with J. Fiedler, M. Smitz, and O. Dupriez, Food and Nutrition Bulletin, forthcoming.

  • “Battling HIV Infection in Afghanistan” with A. Wodak, M. Claeson, and G. Dastagir Sayed, The Lancet, 370(9605): 2167-2169. 2008

  • “Poverty and Mental Health in Developing Countries: Revisiting the Relationship”  with J. Das, Q-T. Do, D. McKenzie, and K. Scott, Social Science and Medicine, 65(3): 467-480. 2007

  • "Firm Ownership and Internal Labor Practices in a Transition Economy: Worker Skill Acquisition in Vietnam",  Economics of Transition 12(2): 333-366. 2004

  • "Gender Dimensions of Support for the Elderly in Vietnam" with J. Knodel, T. Anh, and B. Cuong, Research on Aging 25(6): 587-630. 2003

  • "The Distributional Impact of Indonesia’s Financial Crisis on Household Welfare: A ‘Rapid Response’ Methodology" with J. Levinsohn, The World Bank Economic Review 16(3): 397-424. 2002

  • "Work and Retirement Among the Elderly in Vietnam" with D. Goodkind, B. Cuong and T. Anh, Research on Aging 23(2): 209-232. 2001

  • "Intergenerational Exchanges in Vietnam: Family Size, Sex Composition, and the Location of Children" with J. Knodel, T. Anh and B. Cuong, Population Studies 54(1): 89-104. 2000.

  • "Family Size and Children’s Education in Vietnam" with T. Anh, J. Knodel and D. Lam, Demography 35(1): 57-70. 1998.

Chapters in books

  • “Responding to HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan” with E. Velenyi, in HIV/AIDS as an Economic Development Risk in South Asia,  M. Claeson and M. Haacker (eds.), Palgrave/World Bank Press, forthcoming.

  • “Assessing Health and Education Services in the Aftermath of a Disaster” with E. Frankenberg, B. Sikoki, and D. Thomas, in Are You Being Served? New Tools for Measuring Service Delivery, S. Amin, J. Das, and M. Goldstein (eds.), Palgrave/World Bank Press. Pp. 233-249. 2008.

  • "Measuring Poverty Change in Indonesia, 1984-1999: How Responsive is Poverty to Growth?" in Spatial Inequality and Development, R. Kanbur and A. Venables (eds.), Oxford University Press, Oxford. Pp. 163-208. 2005

  • "The Impacts of the Indonesian Economic Crisis: Price Changes and the Poor" with J. Levinsohn and S. Berry, in Managing Currency Crises in Emerging Markets, M. Dooley and J. Frankel (eds.), University of Chicago Press, Chicago. pp. 393-428. 2003

  • "Vietnamese Elderly Amidst Transformations in Social Welfare Policy" with B. Cuong, T. Anh, D. Goodkind and J. Knodel in Ageing in the Asia-Pacific Regions: Issues and Policies, D. Phillips (ed.), Routledge Press, New York. Pp. 334-359. 2000.

Other Papers

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