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D. Steele - Other Publications

Chapters in Book

  • “Guatemala”. in Indigenous People and Poverty in Latin America,  G.Psacharopoulos and H. Patrinos (eds.) 1994.
  • “Women’s Participation Decision and Earnings in Mexico”. Case Study for Women’s Employment and Pay in Latin America,  G. Psacharopoulous and Z. Tzannotos (eds.). 1992.

Other Papers

  • “A Snapshot of Poverty and Living Conditions in the Slovak Republic.” August 2001. Background paper for “Slovak Republic Living Standards, Employment and Labor Market Study” Report No. 22351. World Bank, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Unit, Europe and Central Asia Region, Washington, DC.
  • “Distribution of Government Education Expenditures in Developing Countries” with G. Li and P. Glewwe. July 1999. World Bank, Development Research Group, Poverty and Human Resources, Washington, DC. Unpublished mimeo.
  • "From Manpower Planning to Labor Market Analysis" HRO Dissemination Note, No. 6, May 1993.

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