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N. Schady - Other Documents

Journal Articles

  • “Changes in Returns to Education in Latin America: The Role of Demand and Supply of Skills,” with Marco Manacorda and Carolina Sánchez, forthcoming, Industrial and Labor Relations Review.
  • “Aggregate Economic Shocks, Child Schooling and Child Health,” with Francisco Ferreira,
    forthcoming, World Bank Research Observer.
  • “Are Cash Transfers Made to Women Spent Like other Sources of Income?,” with José Rosero, Economics Letters 101(3): 246-48, 2008.
  • “Cash Transfers, Conditions, and School Enrollment in Ecuador,” with Caridad Araujo,
    Economía 8(2): 43-70, 2008.
  • “Getting Girls into School: Evidence from a Scholarship Program in Cambodia,” with Deon
    Filmer, Economic Development and Cultural Change 56(2): 581-617, 2008.
  • "Cognitive Development among Young Children in Ecuador: The Roles of Wealth, Health, and Parenting," with C. Paxson, Journal of Human Resources 42(1): 49-84, 2007.
  • "Early Childhood Development in Latin America and the Caribbean," Economia 6(2): 185-225, 2007.
  • "Child Health and Economic Crisis in Peru," with C. Paxson, World Bank Economic Review  19(2): 203-23, 2005.  (Also see web feature article.)
  • "Trade Liberalization and Industry Wage Structure: Evidence from Brazil," with N. Pavcnik, A. Blom, P. Goldberg, World Bank Economic Review 18(3): 319-344, 2004.
  • "Do Macroeconomic Crises Always Slow Capital Accumulation?" World Bank Economic Review 18(2): 131-54, 2004.
  • "Convexity and Sheepskin Effects in the Human Capital Earnings Function: Recent Evidence for Filipino Men," Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 65 (2, May): 171-96, 2003.
  • "Impact Evaluation of Social Funds: An Introduction," with L. Rawlings, World Bank Economic Review 16 (2): 213-18, 2002.
  • "The Allocation and Impact of Social Funds: Spending on School Infrastructure in Peru," with C. Paxson, World Bank Economic Review 16 (2): 297-319, 2002.
  • "Picking the Poor: Indicators for Geographic Targeting in Peru," The Review of Income and Wealth 48 (3, September): 417-33, 2002. (Abstract)
  • "The Political Economy of Expenditures by the Peruvian Social Fund (FONCODES) 1991-95,"  American Political Science Review 94 (2, June): 289-304, 2000.


  • Conditional Cash Transfers: Reducing Present and Future Poverty, with Ariel Fiszbein, World
    Bank Policy Research Report, World Bank, Washington, D.C., 2009.
  • Closing the Gap in Education and Technology, with D. DeFerranti, G. Perry, I. Gill, L. Guasch, W. Maloney, and C. Sánchez-Páramo, World Bank, Washington, D.C., April 2003.

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