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  • “Foreign Bank Participation in Developing Countries: What Do We Know About the Drivers and Consequences of this Phenomenon?,” with R. Cull. In Encyclopedia of Financial Globalization, G. Caprio, ed., Elsevier, Forthcoming.

  • “Drivers and Obstacles to Banking SMEs: The Role of Competition and the Institutional Framework,” with A. de la Torre and S. Schmukler.  In Reforming Rules and Regulations, V. Ghosal, ed., MIT Press, Forthcoming.

  • “Banking in Developing Nations of Asia: Overview of Recent Changes in Ownership Structure,” with L. Klapper and B. Zia. In Handbook of Banking, A. Berger, P. Molyneux, and J. Wilson, eds., Oxford University Press, 2010.

  • “How Do Banks Serve SMEs? Business and Risk Management Models,” with A. de la Torre, M., Politi, S., Schmukler, and Vanasco, V. In Investing Private Capital in Emerging and Frontier Market Small and Medium Enterprises, B. Leleux and A. L. Orlick, eds., IMD and IFC, 2009.

  • “Banks and Small and Medium Enterprises: Recent Business Developments,” with A. de la Torre and S. Schmukler. Q Finance, The Ultimate Resource, Bloombury Publishing, 2009.

  • “Bank Financing to SMEs: What are Africa’s Specificities?,” Private Sector & Development Magazine. Issue (1). 2009.

  • “Bank Financing for SMEs around the World: Drivers, Obstacles, Business Models, and Lending Practices,” with T. Beck and A. Demirguc-Kunt, AccessFinance Newsletter. 2009. 

  • “Do Remittances Affect Recipients’ Financial Development?,” with Y. Mascaró, and F. Moizeszowicz. In Remittances and Development: Lessons from Latin America, P. Fajnzylber and J. H. Lopez, eds., The World Bank, 2008.

  • “Crises as Catalysts for Foreign Bank Activity in Emerging Markets,” with R. Cull. In Power and Politics after Financial Crises: Rethinking Foreign Opportunism in Emerging Markets, J. Robertson, ed., Palgrave Macmillan, 2008.

  • Comment on  B. Armendáriz de Aghion  and J. Morduch, “The Economics of Microfinance,” Journal of International Economics 70, 328-333, 2006.

  • Market Discipline in Emerging Economies: Beyond Bank Fundamentals, with E. Levy-Yeyati and S. Schmukler,in Market Discipline across Countries and Industries, W. Hunter, G. Kaufman,C. Borio, and K. Tsatsaronis (eds.), Cambridge: MIT Press. 2004.

  • "Avoiding Disaster: Policies to Reduce the Risk of Banking Crises", with G. Caprio, in Monetary Policy and Exchange Rate Regimes: Options for the Middle East, E. Cardoso and A. Galal (eds.), The Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, Cairo, Egypt. 2002.

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