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D. Larson - Other Publications


  1. A Cross-country Database for Sector Investment and Capital, wtih A. Crego, R. Butzer, Y. Mundlak, March 31, 2003

Updated Versions of Working Papers

  1. Economic Effects of Taxes on Exports of Palm Oil Products, with S.Marks and J.Pomeroy, Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 34(3), pp. 37-58 
  2. Intersectoral Migration in Venezuela, wtih R.Butzer and Y.Mundlak, Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 227-248. 
  3. Risk Premiums on Inventory Assets: The Case of Crude Oil and Natural Gas, with T. Considine, Journal of Futures Markets 21(2), pp. 109-26
  4. Uncertainty and the Convenience Yeild in Crude Oil Price Backwardations, with T. Considine, Energy Economics 23(5), pp. 533-48


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