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S. Knack - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • "Aid Tying and Donor Fragmentation." with L. Smets, World Development 44: 63–76. 2013.
  •  "Aid and Donor Trust in Recipient Country Systems." Journal of Development Economics 101: 316–329. 2013.
  • "The Correlation between Human Capital and Morality and Its Effect on Economic Performance: Theory and Evidence." with  D. J. Balan, Journal of Comparative Economics 40(3): 457-475. 2012
  • "Individual and Country-Level Factors Affecting Support for Foreign Aid." with P. Paxton, International Political Science Review 33(2): 171-192. 2012.
  • "Crossing the threshold: an analysis of IBRD graduation policy." with F. H. Rogers, et al.,  Review of International Organizations 7(2): 145-176. 2012.
  • "Aid Quality and Donor Rankings," with H. Rogers and N. Eubank, World Development. 39(11): 1907-1917. 2011
  • "The Worldwide Governance Indicators: Six, One, or None? " with L. Langbein,  Journal of Development Studies 46(2): 350-370. 2010. 
  • "Sovereign Rents and Quality of Tax Policy and Administration," Journal of Comparative Economics 37(3): 359-71. 2009.
  • "Aid, Economic Freedom and Growth," with J. Heckelman, Contemporary Economic Policy 27(1): 46-53. 2009.
  • "Foreign Aid and Market-Liberalizing Policy Reform,"  with J. Heckelman, Economica 75(299): 524-48. 2008.
  • "Donor Fragmentation and Bureaucratic Quality in Aid Recipients," with A. Rahman,  Journal of Development Economics 83(1): 176-197. 2007.
  • "Boondoggles, rent-seeking and political checks and balances:  Public Investment Under Unaccountable Governments," with P. Keefer, Review of Economics and Statistics 89(3): 566-572. 2007.
  • "Measuring Corruption: A Critique of Indicators in Eastern Europe and Central Asia," Journal of Public Policy 27(3): 255-291. 2007.
  • "Does Foreign Aid Promote Democracy?" International Studies Quarterly 48(1, March): 251-66. 2004.
  • "Foreign Aid, Institutions, and Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa," with D. Brautigram,  Economic Development and Cultural Change 52(2): 255-86. 2004.
  • "Second Generation Governance Indicators," with M. Kugler and N. Manning,  International Review of Administrative Sciences 69(3, September): 345-64, 2003.
  • "Groups, Growth and Trust: Cross-Country Evidence on the Olson and Putnam Hypotheses," Public Choice 117(304, December): 341-55. 2003.
  • "Trade Intensity, Country Size and Corruption," with O. Azfar, Economics of Governance 4(1, February): 1-18. 2003.
  • "Viewers Like You: Community Norms and Contributions to Public Broadcasting," with M. Kropf, Political Research Quarterly 56(2): 187-197. 2003.
  • "Social Capital and the Quality of Government: Evidence From the U.S. States," American Journal of Political Science 46(4): 772-85. 2002.
  • "Building Trust: Public Policy, Interpersonal Trust, and Economic Development,"  with P. Zak, Supreme Court Economic Review 10 (Fall): 91-107. 2002.
  • "Polarization, Politics, and Property Rights,"  with P. Keefer, Public Choice 111(1-2, April): 127-154. 2002.
  • "Aid Dependence and the Quality of Governance: A Cross-Country Empirical Analysis," Southern Economic Journal 68 (2, October): 310-29. 2001.
  • "Trust and Growth," with P. Zak, Economic Journal 111(April): 295-321, 2001.
  • "Gender and Corruption," with A. Swamy, Y. Lee and O. Azfar, Journal of Development Economics 64(February): 25-55. 2001.
  • "The Determinants of Lasting Democracy in Poor Countries: Culture, Development, and Institutions," with C. Clague and S. Gleason, Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 573(January): 16-41. 2001.
  • "Deterring Voter Registration Through Juror Source Practices: Evidence From Survey Data, " Public Choice 103(1-2): 49-72. 2000.
  • "Election-Day Registration and Turnout Inequality," with J. White, Political Behavior 22(1): 29-44. 2000.
  • "Contract-Intensive Money: Contract Enforcement, Property Rights, and Economic Performance," with C. Clague, P. Keefer, and M. Olson, Journal of Economic Growth 4 (June): 185-209. 1999.
  • "Does Social Capital have an Economic Payoff? A Cross-Country Investigation," with P. Keefer, Quarterly Journal of Economics 112(4): 1251-1288. 1997.


  • Trends in corruption and regulatory burden in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Washington, DC, World Bank. with G. Kisunko. 2011.
  • Democracy, Governance and Growth, Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press. 2003.

Chapters in Books

  • "Aid Fragmentation in the Transition Countries," with A. Rahman, In Western Aid in Postcommunism, A. Korhonen, D. Lehrer (eds.), New York: Palgrave Macmillan. Forthcoming. 
  • "Donor Fragmentation," with A. Rahman, in Reinventing Foreign Aid, W. Easterly (ed.), Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. 2008.
  • "Governance and Growth," In Good Governance and Developing Countries: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, K. Kotschau and T. Marauhn (eds.), Frankfurt: Peter Lang. 2008.
  • "Social Capital, Social Norms and the New Institutional Economics," with P. Keefer, In Handbook of  New Institutional Economics, C. Menard and M. Shirley (eds.), Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer. 2005.
  • "Social Capital and the New Institutional Economics," with P. Keefer, in Handbook of New Institutional Economics, C. Menard and M. Shirley (eds.), Kluwer Academic Press. 2005.
  • "Empowerment as a Positive-Sum Game," in Measuring Empowerment: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, D. Narayan (ed.),  Washington DC: World Bank. 2005.
  • "Social Polarization, Political Institutions and Country Creditworthiness, " with P. Keefer,  In Collective Choices: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson, J. Heckelman and D. Coates (eds.),  Springer. 2003.
  • "Social Capital, Growth and Poverty: A Survey of Cross-Country Evidence," In The Role of Social Capital in Development. C. Grootaet and T. van Bastelaer (eds.), New York: Cambridge Univ Press. 2002.
  • "Trust, Associational Life and Economic Performance," in The Contribution of Human and Social Capital to Sustained Economic Growth and Well-Being: International Symposium Report, J. Helliwell (ed.),  Quebec: Human Resources Development Canada. 2001.
  • "Political Stability and Economic Stagnation," with P. Keefer,  In The Political Dimension of Economic Growth, S. Borner and M. Paldam (eds.). New York: St. Martins Press. 1998.

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