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  • 'A review of the Political Economy of Governance; From Property Rights to Voice", in The Sage Handbook of Comparative Politics, T. Landman, N. Robinson, (eds.), London: UK, Sage Publications. 2009.
  • "Decentralization in Pakistan: Are Local Politicians Likely to be More Accountable?" with A. Narayan, and T. Vishwanath. In Decentralization to Local Governments in Developing Countries: A Comparative Perspective, P. Bardhan and D. Mookherjee (eds.), MIT Press. Forthcoming.
  • "Social capital, social norms and the new institutional economics," with S. Knack, in the Handbook of the New Institutional Economics, C. Ménard and M. Shirley, (eds.),  Dordecht, The Netherlands: Springer,p. 701-26. 2005.
  • "Privatization in Transition Economies: Politics as Usual?", with M. Shirley, in Structure and Policy in Presidential Democracies?, S. Haggard and M. McCubbins (eds.), Cambridge University Press. Forthcoming.

  • "What does political economy tell us about economic development -- and vice versa?" In the Annual Review of Political Science, N. Polsby (ed.), Palo Alto: Annual Review p. 247-72. 2004.

  • "Social Polarization, Political Institutions, and Country Creditworthiness," with S. Knack, in Collective Choice: Essays in Honor of Mancur Olson, D. Coates and J. Heckelman (eds.), Springer-Verlag. 2003.
  • "Politics and the Determinants of Banking Crises: The Effects of Political Checks and Balances." in Banking, Financial Integration, and International Crises, L. Hernandez and K. Schmidt-Hebbel, (eds.), Santiago: Central Bank of Chile. 2002.
  • "Economic Liberalization: Conditions and Cases from the Developing World," with McCubbins and Heller, in The Origins of Liberty, P. Drake and M. McCubbins (eds.), Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1998.
  • "Political Stability and Economic Stagnation," with S. Knack, Chapter 7 in The political dimension of economic growth: Proceedings of the IEA conference held in San Jose, Costa Rica, S. Borner and M. Paldam (eds.), 136–153. 1998.
  • "Institutions and Economic Performance: Property Rights and Contract Enforcement," and "Democracy, Dictatorship, and the Institutions Supportive of Economic Growth," with C. Clague, S. Knack and M. Olson, in Institutions and Economic Development: Growth and Governance in Less-Developed and Post-Socialist Countries, C. Clague (ed.), Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press. 1997.


  • Innocent Bystanders: Developing Countries and the War on Drugs, with N. V. Loayza, World Bank. 2009.

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