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H. L. Kee - Other Publications

Journal Articles

Chapters in Books

  • "Developing Countries, New Trade Barriers, and the Global Economic Crisis," with C. Bown, in Managing Openness: Trade and Outward-Oriented Growth Strategies after the Crisis, M. Haddad and B. Shepherd (eds.).  2011.

  • "Climate Change Policies and International Trade: Challenges and Opportunities," in International Trade and Climate Change: Economic, Legal, and Institutional Perspectives, The World Bank. 2008.

  • "Estimating the Effects of Global Trade Reform," with A. Nicita and M. Olarreaga, in Global Trade and Poor Nations, Hoekman and Olarreaga (eds), Brookings Institute Press. 2008.
  • Book review of J. Anderson and P. Neary,  Measuring the Restrictiveness of International Trade Policy, in Journal of International Economics, vol. 73, no. 2, p. 434-438. 2007.

  • "Firm Performance in the Services Sector," in Malaysia: Firm Competitiveness, Investment Climate, and Growth, Report no. 26841-MA, the World Bank. 2005.

  • "Factors Shaping Singapore's Wages and Unemployment and the Role of the National Wages Council", with H.T. Hoon, in Wages and Wages Policies: Tripartism in Singapore, C.Y. Lim and R. Chew (eds.), p. 147-165. 1998.

Operational Reports

  • "Firm Performance in the Services Sector, in Malaysia: Firm Competitiveness, Investment Climate, and Growth, 2005", Report no. 26841-MA, the World Bank.


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