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K. Hoff - Other Publications

Research Topics:

Economic Development

Finance and Saving
  • "Dysfunctional Finance: Positive Shocks and Negative Outcomes", Journal of Globalization and Development, 1 (1). 2010.
    Also published as Dysfunctional Finance: Positive Shocks and Negative Outcomes, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5183, World Bank. 2009.
  • "Moneylenders and Bankers: Price-Increasing Subsidies with Monopolistic Competition", with J. Stiglitz, Journal of Development Economics 55, 485-518. 1998.
  • :Imperfect Information and Rural Credit Markets: Puzzles and Policy Perspectives", with J. Stiglitz, World Bank Economic Review 5, 235-250. 1990.

International Economics
  • "Bayesian Learning in a Model of Infant Industries", Journal of International Economics 42, 409-436. 1997.
  • "A Reexamination of the Neoclassical Trade Model under Uncertainity", Journal of International Economics 36, 1-27. 1994.
Political Economy

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