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S. Dasgupta - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Disclosure of Environmental Violations and Stock Market in the Republic of Korea”, with J. Hong, B. Laplante and N. Mamingi., Ecological Economics. Forthcoming.
  • “Accounting for Toxicity Risk in Pollution Control: Does it Matter?”, with B. Laplante and C. Meisner, Journal of Environmental Management. Forthcoming.
  • “Policy Reform, Economic Growth and the Digital Divide”, with S. Lall and D. Wheeler, Oxford Development Studies, Vol 33, No. 2, 229-243.
  • “Where is the Poverty-Environment Nexus? Evidence from Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam”, with U. Deichmann, C. Meisner and D. Wheeler, in World Development, Vol 33, No. 4, 617-38.
  • “Environment During Growth – Accounting for Governance and Vulnerability”, with K. Hamilton, K. Pandey, and D. Wheeler, in Environment Matters at The World Bank, Annual Review, 19-21. 2004.
  • “Incomplete Enforcement of pollution Regulation: Bargaining Power of Chinese factories”, with B. Laplante, N. Mamingi and H. Wang, Environmental  and Resource Economics, Vol 24, No. 3,  245-62.
  • “Plant Size, Industrial Air Pollution and Local Incomes: Evidence from Mexico and Brazil”, with R. Lucas and D. Wheeler, Environment and Development Economics, Vol 7, No. 2, 365-81.
  • “Agricultural Trade, Development and Toxic risk”, with C. Meisner, D. Wheeler and J. Yanhong, World Development, Vol , 30,  No.8, 1401-12.
  • “Confronting the Environment Kuznets Curve”, with B. Laplante, H. Wang and D. Wheeler, Journal of Economic Perspective, Vol 16, No. 1, 147-68.
  • “Minute Particles, Major Problems:  Cleaning the Air in Developing Countries”, with K. Bolt, K. Pandey and D. Wheeler, Forum For Applied Research and Public Policy, Vol. 16, No. 3, 14-20. 2001.
  • “Pollution and Capital Markets in Developing Countries”, with B. Laplante and N. Mamingi, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Vol 42, No. 3, 310-35.
  • “Pesticide Use in Brazil in the Era of Agro-industrialization and Globalization”, with C. Meisner and N. Mamingi., Environment and Development Economics, vol 6, No. 4, 459-82.
  • “Environmental Regulation and Development: A Cross-Country Empirical Analysis”, with D. Wheeler, S. Roy and A. Mody, Oxford Development Studies, vol 29, No. 2, 173-87. 2001.
  • “Industrial Environmental Performance in China: The Impact of Inspections”, with B. Laplante, N. Mamingi and H. Wang, Ecological Economics, vol 36, No. 3, 487-98. 2001.
  • “Water Pollution Abatement by Chinese Industry: Cost Estimates and Policy Implications”, with D. Wheeler, M. Huq and C. Hua Zhang, Applied Economics, vol. 33, No. 4, 547-557.
  • “Environmental News in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and the Philippines”, with B. Laplante and C. Meisner, in Local Environment, vol. 5, No. 3, 351-59. 2000.
  • “What Improves Environmental Performance? Evidence from Mexico”, with H. Hettige and D. Wheeler, in Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 38, No.3, 39-66. 1999.
  • “Japanese Multinationals in Asia: Capabilities and Motivations”, with A. Mody and S. Sinha, in Oxford Development Studies, vol. 27, No. 2. 1999.
  • “The Cross-Section of Stock Returns: Evidence from the Emerging Markets”, with S. Claessens and J. Glen., in Emerging Markets Quarterly, vol. 2, No. 4, 4-13. 1998.
  • “Stock Price Behavior in Emerging Stock Markets”, with S. Claessens and J. Glen, in World Bank Economic Review, vol. 9, No. 1, 131-51. 1995.
  • “On The Use of Dispersion Measures from NAPM Surveys in Business Cycle Forecasting”, with K. Lahiri, in Journal of Forecasting, vol. 12, 239-53. 1993.
  • “A Comparative Study of Alternative Methods of Quantifying Qualitative Survey Responses using NAPM Data”, with K. Lahiri, in Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, vol. 10, No. 4, 391-400. 1992.
  • “An Econometric Analysis of NAPM Buying Prices”, with K. Lahiri, Proceedings of the Business and Economics Statistics Section, American Statistical Association, 350-54. 1990.


Chapters in Books

  • “Disclosure Strategies for Pollution Control”, with H. Wang and D. Wheeler, in International Yearbook of Environmental and Resource Economics,  T. Tietenberg and H. Folmer (eds.), Vol. X, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, U.K. Forthcoming
  • “Confronting the Environment Kuznets Curve”,  with B. Laplante, H. Wang and D. Wheeler, in Economics of the Environment Selected Readings, R. N. Stavins (ed.), W.W. Norton & Company, 399-420. 2005.
  • “Can China Grow and Safeguard Its Environment? The Case of Industrial Pollution”, with H. Wang and D. Wheeler,  in How Far Across the River?: Chinese Policy Reform at the Millennium,  N. Hope, D. Tao Yang, and M. Yang Li (eds.), Stanford University Press, 353-388. 2003.
  • “Industrial Pollution and Poverty in Brazil”, with R. Lucas and D. Wheeler, in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Environment,  R. Hillary (ed.), Green Leaf Publishers, 289-303. 2000.
  • “Industry: Incentives to Abate”, with H. Wang and D. Wheeler, in Clear water, Blue Skies: China’s Environment in the 21st Century, The World Bank, 57-71. 1997.
  • “A Leading Indicator of Inflation Based on Interest Rates”, with K. Lahiri, in Leading Economic Indicators: New Approaches and Forecasting Records,  K. Lahiri and G.H. Moore (eds.), Cambridge University Press, 339-353. 1990.

Other Papers

  • "The Poverty/ Environment Nexus: Findings for Lao PDR" with U. Deichmann, C. Meisner and D. Wheeler, Environment Strategy Note # 5, The World Bank. November 2002.
  • "Re-thinking World Bank Environmental Investments: Adjustments for Threats and Country Risks" with C. Meisner and D. Wheeler, Environment Strategy Note # 11, The World Bank. November 2004.
  • “Indoor Air Quality for Poor Families: New Evidence from Bangladesh”, ESMAP Note. March 2005.

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