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K. Beegle - Other Publications

Journal Articles

  • "Adult Mortality and Economic Growth in the Age of HIV/AIDS" with J. De Weerdt, and S. Dercon. Economic Development and Cultural Change 2007.  Forthcoming.
  • "Orphanhood and the Long-Run Impact on Children" with J. De Weerdt, and S. Dercon. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88 (5): 1266-1272. 2006.
  • "The Effect of School Type on Academic Achievement: Evidence from Indonesia" with D. Newhouse. Journal of Human Resources 41(3): 529-557. 2006.
  • “Child Labor and Agricultural Shocks” with R. Dehejia, and R. Gatti, Journal of Development Economics 81(1): 80-96. 2006. 
  • “Labor Effects of Adult Mortality in Tanzanian Households.” Economic Development and Cultural Change 53(3): 655-684. 2005.
  • “The Impact of Adult Mortality and Parental Deaths on Schooling in Northwestern Tanzania” with M. Ainsworth and G. Koda, Journal of Development Studies 41(3): 412-439. 2005.
  • “Why Children Aren’t Attending School: the Case of Rural Tanzania” with K. Burke, Journal of African Economies 13(2): 333-355. 2004.
  • “Employment Protections for Older Workers: Do Disability Discrimination Laws Matter?” with W. Stock, Contemporary Economic Policy 22(1): 111-126. 2004.
  • “Education in a Crisis” with D. Thomas, E. Frankenberg, B. Sikoki, J. Strauss, and G. Teruel, Journal of Development Economics 74(1): 53-85. 2004.
  • “Labor Market Impacts of Disability Discrimination Legislation” with W. Stock, Journal of Human Resources 38(4): 806-859. 2003.
  • " Wages, Employment and Economic Shocks: Evidence from Indonesia" with J.P. Smith, D. Thomas, E. Frankenberg, and G. Teruel, Journal of Population Economics 15: 161-193. 2002.
  • “Bargaining Power within Couples and Use of Prenatal and Delivery Care in Indonesia”  with E. Frankenberg, and D. Thomas, Studies in Family Planning 32(2): 130-146. 2001.
  • "Intra-household Allocations: A Review of Theories, Empirical Evidence and Policy Issues" with J. Strauss and G. Mwabu, Journal of African Economies 9 AERC Supplement 1: 83-143. 2000.
  • "The Impact of Women's Human Capital on Fertility and Contraceptive Use: A Study of 14 Sub-Saharan African Countries" with M. Ainsworth and A. Nyamete, World Bank Economic Review 10(1): 85-122. 1996.

Chapters in Books

  • “Helminth Infections: Soil-Transmitted Helminth Infections and Schistosomiasis.” with P. Hotez, D. Bundy, A. Fenwick, L. Savioli, N. De Silva, S. Brooker, A. Montrsor, D. Engels, L. Chitsulo, C. Michaud, L. Drake, J. Bethony, R. Correa-Oliveria, and X. Shuhua, in Disease Control Priorities, Jamison, Alleyne, Breman, Claeson, Evans, Jha, Measham, Mills, Musgrove, (eds.), (2nd edition) 2004. forthcoming.
  • “School-Based Health and Nutrition Programs.”  with D. Bundy, S. Shaeffer, M. Jukes, A. Gillespie,  L. Drake, S. Lee, A. Hoffman, J. Jones, A. Mitchell, C. Wright, D. Barcelona, B. Camara, C. Golmar, L. Savioli, and M. Sembene, in Disease Control Priorities, Jamison, Alleyne, Breman, Claeson, Evans, Jha, Measham, Mills, Musgrove (eds.), (2nd edition)  2004, forthcoming.
  • “Labor Market Transitions of Men and Women During an Economic Crisis:  Evidence from Indonesia.” with D.Thomas and  E. Frankenberg, in  Women in the Labour Market in Changing Economies: Demographic Issues, B. Garcia, R. Anker, and A. Pinnelli (eds.), Oxford University Press. 2003.


  • Indonesian Living Standards: Before and After the Financial Crisis, with J. Strauss, A. Dwiyanto, Y. Herawati, D. Pattinasarany, E. Satriawan, B. Sikoki, Sukamdi, F. Witoelar, Rand Corporation, USA and Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 2004.

Other Papers

  • “Why Should We Care about Child Labor? The Education, Labor Market, and Health Consequences of Child Labor.” with R. Dehejia and R. Gatti, CEPR Discussion Paper 4443.  NBER Working Paper No. 10980. 2005

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