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    The Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics

    The Third International Roundtable on Managing for Development Results  focuses on building countries’ capacity (including statistical capacity) to manage for results. Aid effectiveness, which is a major concern for donors, development agencies, and developing countries, is the central agenda at an international roundtable in Hanoi in February 2007. To learn more, click here.

    The Second Roundtable on Measuring for Development Results took place in Marrakech, Morocco in February 2004. Nearly 200 participants from aid organizations and developing countries met in a roundtable to assess progress, focus on the challenges countries face in managing for results, and attempt to increase the political commitment of the international community to support the global results agenda. The Roundtable participants endorsed the core principles and a global action plan on managing for development results. In addition, participants agreed on a global plan for statistics (the Marrakech Action Plan for Statistics) which consists of six actions.


    The first set of actions addressed national needs:

    • Mainstream strategic planning of statistical systems and prepare national strategies for the development of statistics (NSDS) for all low-income countries by 2006
    • Begin preparations for the 2010 census round
    • Increase financing for statistical capacity building

    The second set addressed international responsibilities:

    For background and implementation plans, click here. For MAPS brochure, click here.

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